Expand the offer for efficient energy works


Third-party financing consists in offering project design and technical assistance services during the implementation of renovation works, which can be complemented by a financing offer. It is offered by operators and controlled by local authorities, with the objective of leveraging financing to guide the demand and supply of renovation works towards energy efficiency.

Third-party financing is defined in Articles L.381-1 et seq. of the Construction and Housing Code.

To develop the supply of efficient energy works, the Hauts-de-France , Ile-de-France , Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Grand-Est regions as well as Bordeaux Métropole have developed and implemented the concept of third-party financing companies. The third-party financing companies of the Occitanie and Center-Val de Loire regions are also in the process of being set up.


Third-party financing companies in France


(the Regional Agency for Energy Saving Works) 

Artéé is the Regional Agency for Energy Saving Works in New Aquitaine. Since 2015, it has supported owners in renovating their homes in a comprehensive and efficient manner. To do this, Artéé offers a complete technical service as well as a financing solution dedicated to renovation.

AREC Occitanie

(Regional Energy Climate Agency) 

The Regional Energy and Climate Agency of Occitanie offers, as part of the Integrated Public Service for Energy Renovation (SPIRE), technical, administrative and financial support for the renovation of private housing in Occitanie. This service includes a subsidised loan offer supported by AREC aimed at facilitating the financing of the remainder of renovation works.

Bordeaux Métropole Energie

Facirénov is the Bordeaux Métropole Energies brand dedicated to the energy renovation of housing and tertiary buildings in Bordeaux Métropole. It offers a global support covering all the stages of a renovation project and a third-party financing offer to finance the work, with monthly payments equal to the estimated energy savings.

The Regional Center of Val de Loire

Centre-Val de Loire Energies is a local public-private company created on February 14, 2020 by the Centre-Val de Loire Region. Its purpose is to make owners and private co-owners aware of the value of efficient energy renovations, to support them in the design and execution of works and to facilitate their financing through a third-party financing system.


(Renovation Pass)

Created in 2013 in Picardy and then extended to all Hauts-de-France, the energy efficiency public service authority is the first public entity created in the form of a third-party financing company offering technical support for energy renovations taken on by individuals, and a long-term financing offer to finance the works.

Ile-de-France Energie


Created by the Ile de France Region in 2013, it offers energy renovations to the public and supports the development of renewable energies amongst communities. It’s objective is to reduce the energy consumption of multifamily buildings by offering turnkey services throughout their energy renovation project which includes audits, design of work programmes, financing plans and site monitoring.


OKTAVE is the deep energy renovation service for housing created by and for the Grand Est region. Its main mission is to support homeowners in carrying out energy-efficient renovations on their properties by providing them with turnkey technical, financial and administrative services.