Project partners


Artéé is the Regional Agency for Energy Saving Works in Nouvelle Aquitaine. Since 2015, it has been helping homeowners to renovate their homes in a comprehensive and efficient manner. To this end, it offers a complete technical service package and a financing solution dedicated to renovation.

GNE Finance

GNE Finance is a high-impact investment company focused on financing for the built environment. GNE Finance has extensive experience in structuring financing platforms and managing loan portfolios.


OKTAVE is the energy-efficient renovation service for housing in the eastern part of France. Created at the initiative of the Greater East Region, its main mission is to support households in carrying out energy-efficient renovation of their homes by providing them with a turnkey technical, financial and administrative service.



Since 2006, the Collectif Effinergie has been bringing together players from different backgrounds to promote an unprecedented level of energy and low-carbon efficiency in buildings under construction and renovation. Thanks to its labels, Effinergie has made it possible to generalise the use of low-energy new buildings in France and is working to increase the number of renovations. 


Île-de-France Energies’ mission is to reduce the energy vulnerability of Île-de-France residents by offering an energy renovation service and supporting the development of renewable energies. The aim is to reduce the energy consumption of condominiums by offering turnkey services throughout their energy renovation project: audits, design of work programmes, financing plans and site monitoring.

Pouget Consultants

As a thermal and fluid design office, our activity is at the crossroads of the real estate business and energy and environmental performance. We work on a daily basis in two areas of activity, construction and renovation, on consulting, research and development and technical studies from design to operation.

Energies Demain

Energies Demain specialises in the development and implementation of public energy-climate policies. In particular, it has in-house expertise on third-party financing companies, thanks to strategic and operational support for STFs (Hauts-de-France Pass rénovation, ARTEE, etc.).


Multidisciplinary business lawyers since 1995, LWA is recognised for its technical expertise, rigour and willingness to innovate. LWA is committed to meeting the needs of companies in both the public and private sectors, and supports its clients in their strategic development in France and abroad. 


Hauts-de-France Pass Rénovation is the first public operator to implement a third-party financing mechanism for owners of individual and collective housing. The aim of Hauts-de-France Pass Rénovation is to implement a virtuous and lasting circle at the service of the development of the regional territory: reduction of energy consumption in the private housing stock, the fight against energy poverty, and maintenance of the local economy in the building sector.

Energy Cities

Energy Cities is a network of more than 1,000 cities in 30 different countries. We are convinced that energy transition is more than just a question of renewable energy or advanced technologies. For us it is about using resources in a reasoned way, strengthening local participation and improving the quality of life in a democratic Europe.


Marsh is a world leader in insurance brokerage and risk consulting. With more than 35,000 colleagues in over 130 countries, Marsh provides data-driven risk management solutions and consulting services to businesses and individuals.