Achieving the 2030 Climate Goals: One-Stop-Shops for Multi-Family Building Renovations [webinar organised by Turnkey Retrofit]

Multi-family buildings represent 47% of residential dwellings in the EU. However, the sector remains largely overlooked in terms of sustainable renovations and energy retrofits, despite a growing need for them. As such, this webinar will provide insight into how cities and regions can overcome the barriers often present when promoting and supporting multi-family renovations in various socio-economic classes. A benchmarking study will provide a market overview of home renovation programs within Europe, while in-depth case studies from Spain, France, and Belgium will be featured. These examples will demonstrate how communities in partnership with local stakeholders can carry out high-performance renovations on the residential building stock and will offer practical solutions for increasing the uptake of multi-family building renovations.

Additionally, the webinar will highlight an innovative approach to energy poverty and urban regeneration. Themes within this webinar will also revolve around the Renovation Wave strategy, related EPBD revisions, and how to best use the EU recovery funds.



Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum – Quality assurance and financial reinforcement of third-party financing operators in France



Benchmarking of contractor and energy expert validation & management systems for home renovation programmes [webinar organised by EuroPACE]

This webinar hosted by EuroPACE partner AGENEX explores how different European home renovation programmes deal with the management and validation of contractors and energy experts, as well as their related works and services. It includes the processes, selection procedures, quality guarantees and tools used to assess their competence and the quality of their services.



A “deep” thinking around Minimum Energy Performance Standards [webinar organised by EuroACE]

In the context of the ongoing public consultation on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), EuroACE (the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings) is hosting a series of three webinars focusing on different aspects of the EPBD which have the potential to considerably increase energy renovation rates in the EU. The series, entitled “Future-proof EPBD: let’s deliver beyond the Renovation Wave!”, will feature conversations around the development of Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), the update of Energy Performance Certificates and other buildings information tools such as the Digital Building Logbook and Smart Readiness Indicator as a way to boost digitalisation of our buildings while improving their data.



Delivering on the Renovation Wave: Supporting Narratives & Financing [webinar co-organised by ORFEE, the Covenant of Mayors – Europe & Energy Efficiency Watch]

  • The Renovation Wave sets very ambitious targets and high challenges for municipalities. How to convince local decision-makers and engage key local stakeholders for action? Who can be the winning coalition? How to finance bundled projects smartly and get third-party financing? How can municipalities create one-stop-shops for boosting renovations?

This webinar aims to discuss the above questions with signatories of the Covenant of Mayors in an interactive way, getting also feedback on the narratives, being developed in the EEW4 project



Sustainable Energy Investment Forum (SEI Forum) – Integrated home renovation services in Europe  [webinar organised by DG Energy]

Integrated home renovation services help homeowners navigate the complex process of home renovation by centralising a range of services, such as technical and social diagnosis, coordination of suppliers and contractors, structuring and provision of finance, and the monitoring of works and quality assurance.

his webinar presents findings on how to set up these types of services and take a close look at some prominent examples established by local authorities and the financial sector in Europe.

Discussions are of interest to local and regional authorities, financial institutions, investors, and service providers looking to set up their own integrated home renovation services for their clients or residents. Join the webinar to hear recommendations from experts with years of experience running successful programmes of this kind at the local and regional level.