Origin of Financing

of Energy Efficiency.

The ORFEE resource center aims to strengthen third-party financing companies, by helping them to consolidate their business model, in order to pool their developments and coordinate their operational processes, reduce their costs, centralise their results, and disseminate them in the best possible way.


The concept of a third party financing company “TPFC” is still recent, methods are not standardized. Optimisation of their resources to generate more financing capacity for energy renovation. In order to fulfil their role as trusted third party, TPFCs must guarantee the quality of their renovations. TPFCs must strengthen their presence in the renovation market.

Project’s goals

Build an "ORFEE" resource centre to support TPFCs in their development phase


Sharing resources: methods, tools, feedback… in order to promote development of TPFCs in France, which are still recent or in their creation process.

Launch all ORFEE activities as pilot projects.

Support the development of high-performance renovations by issuing 1,500 quality guarantees over 3 years.

Accompany TPFCs in optimizing the financing of their renovation operations


Make sources of funding for TPFCs reliable for their provision of financing for energy-efficient housing renovation.

Facilitate the use of FEDER funds by regions.

Work with banks on a “green label” for energy renovation loans.

Definition of a corpus of conformity and quality for renovation works, and publication of quality guarantees


Design and implement the quality and compliance control framework for energy retrofits that will enable TPFCs to award a certificate of quality and compliance for residential retrofits, covering the entire value chain: from advice to homeowners to completion of the work and monitoring of energy consumption over the years.